Unlace is an interactive lace lingerie garment which allows partners to connect by becoming more aware of touch, time and warmth. The man’s touch on the woman is sensed by the garment, after which the surrounding threads slowly heat up and change from black to skin color, ‘undressing’ the woman and guiding the man’s hand to another spot to touch.
The slow change in ‘transparency’ and warmth increases awareness of touch and creates time to explore the woman’s body together.

The old craft of bobbin lace making was the inspiration and technique used in this project. The garment is made in one piece and shaped as a women’s body. Skin colored threads were painted with black thermo chromic ink. Inside the threads conductive thread is integrated. When touching the garment the conductive thread heats up and changes the color of the surrounding threads to skin color.
Based on the transparent property of lace the concept still holds the value of the traditional craft besides the technique. Bobbin lace making is used in a modern way by changing the scale and using smart materials, making it into something much more than just a decorative piece. It is an example of what can be developed when an old craft is revived in a modern society.

A video of the design process of Unlace can be found here.