I am Eef Lubbers, an industrial designer with a passion for combining textile, technology and fashion.

For years and years clothes are made of static textile, textile that does not change (apart from wash and wear influences). Technological developments allow for integration on a textile and yarn level, opening up many possibilities to evolve static textile into dynamic textile, giving fashion as we know it a new dimension.

In the field of smart and e-textiles lie challenges in combining electronics and textile. This I strive to do while respecting material qualities and values, and using new technology. I see technology as a possibility to give textile as we know it a second layer, by adding qualities such as movement, heat, colour change, light, etc. These qualities can seem magical when the technology behind it doesn’t show, and the subtleties in the textile’s qualities, such as flexibility and texture, are preserved.

This allows clothing to transcend its functionality of protection and identity communication through its dynamic quality. A change of colour or movement creates an opportunity for the wearer to communicate, extending and amplifying body language. Yet also triggering interaction with people in the surrounding. Clothing as a new medium to communicate and interact brings the body and its senses back in focus.